About us

Traveler’s Friend Meats was founded to offer people different tastes from all over the world.

Love meat snacks? Love the variety of tastes the world has to offer? – Experienced travelers know, that some tastes you’ve experienced somewhere in the world tend to stay with you. People yearn for and dream of these tastes and some eventually return to re-experience them.

Traveler’s Friend focuses exactly on these tastes. We started with biltong – the legendary taste from South-Africa. Then we added the world-known Worcestershire sauce from England to our pork jerky to show what a parade of tastes can feel like in one bite. And in the nearest future we’ll expand our product line with other jerkies and deli products from the world.

We develop products that are easy to be taken with – a requirement for traveling. Our snacks are easy to keep, they don’t need refrigeration, they don’t weigh much and their tastes are legendary.

Our snacks are hunger waiting to happen.

No artificial seasoning and flavoring has been used to make Traveler’s Friend snacks.