Everyone knows that hunger has a way of sneaking up on you. Unannounced.

That’s where Traveler’s Friend meat snacks come in handy! It doesn’t matter if you’re in a jungle, conquering a mountain, waiting for your flight at an airport or just pulling an all-nighter in college – you don’t have to suffer from hunger with Traveler’s Friend jerky and biltong.

About us

Traveler’s Friend Meats was founded to offer people different tastes from all over the world..

Love meat snacks? Love the variety of tastes the world has to offer? – Experienced travelers know, that some tastes you’ve experienced somewhere in the world tend to stay with you. People yearn for and dream of these tastes and some eventually return to re-experience them.

Traveler’s Friend focuses exactly on these tastes. We started with biltong – the legendary taste from South-Africa. Then we added the world-known Worcestershire sauce from England to our pork jerky to show what a parade of tastes can feel like in one bite.

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